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What are some fun and easy crafts for kids?
Posted by Caspian Wainwright

Exploring the Wonders of Paper Mache

If there's one thing my parrot Indigo and I have in common, it’s our flair for tearing up paper. Be it our Sunday's newspaper or Pamela's discarded shopping lists, but the chaos ends when we use the torn pieces to create truly sensational works of art. Paper Mache is not only a fantastic way to recycle, but its simplicity is a calling for children aged four and above.

Start by tearing up colored paper and newspaper into little bits. Next, create a paste by blending flour and water until it reaches a soupy consistency. Dip each paper bit into the paste, slap it onto a balloon, and repeat. Keep pasting until the balloon becomes opaque. Then, wait 24 hours to let it dry completely. Once dried, pop the balloon, and voila! Easy, isn't it? The children will enjoy shaping this mold into anything that sparks their imagination, be it lanterns, piggy banks, or even their favorite cartoon character. Remember to finish off with a splash of color, and the masterpiece is complete.

Unleashing Creativity with homemade Playdough

Imagine creating a whole new world out of just flour, water, and salt, sounds impossible right? But with playdough, you have the power of creation in your hands. Playdough is suitable for younger kids, 2 years and up because it is a soft yet manipulatable medium that they can shape and mold to their heart’s desire. It is incredibly safe, given that the ingredients are all non-toxic.

The recipe I use is incredibly simple: 2 cups flour, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, half a cup of salt, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, 1 to 1.5 cups boiling water (added gradually) and food coloring. Mix these ingredients in a bowl until they bind together. The result is a dough which can be easily molded. This dough can be stored for up to 6 months, but I recommend checking it regularly to make sure it hasn't dried out. Children can create small figurines, mini food items or anything else their youthful imagination can concoct. But remember, the more colors you have, the more vibrant is the world you create.

A Journey to Discovery with DIY Treasure Boxes

Every child dreams of uncovering buried treasure, and now they can. With a modest collection of supplies such as shoe boxes, paint, glitter pens, and some forgotten toys, the treasure box project can kindle a sense of joy and discovery in your kids.

I still remember the time when I found an old shoe box in our closet and turned it into a treasure box for my nephew's fifth birthday. From decorating it with pirate symbols, hiding old coins, and placing it in the most discreet corner of our garden, each step was a journey of constant thrill. The surprise in his eyes when he found it is something I cherish till now. This is an activity where both the journey and the destination are full of joy.

The Magic of Fort-Building with Bedsheets

If your children happen to be pirate lovers, then this activity will double as a perfect hideaway post their treasure hunt. Fort-building with bedsheets reminds me of my childhood days when I used to tuck our sofa cushions and blankets together, forming a secret refuge.

Presently, my beagle George has commandeered the fort. But, back then, the foundation of our fort would start with some sturdy furniture and a couple of bedsheets. The trick is to secure the corners tightly and drop the excess fabric to create doors. And there you have a home within your home. This activity indeed brings forth a sense of thrill, independence and the joy of creation.

Budding Artists with Toilet Paper Rolls

If there is an object that screams possibility, it's the toilet paper roll. With these humble home supplies, children can concoct rockets, castles, superheroes, and even a whole zoo of wild critters.

The best part about working with toilet paper rolls is that it's a blank canvas. Give your kids some paints and a brush, and see their creativity unfold. Once my little buddy, Sam, even turned a few rolls into superhero figurines. He painted them with bright colors, cut them in the middle, and decorated each one to look like his favorite comic book heroes. The extent to which Youngsters can transform these basic supplies always amazes me.

Fun-Afloat with DIY Popsicle Stick Boats

Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching a handmade boat float. It reminds me of a sunny afternoon, when Pamela and I, in a makeshift outdoor pool (you got it right, our bathtub), sailed little popsicle stick boats. The boats were so rudimentary, yet it gave us so much pleasure.

One needs only a few popsicle sticks, waterproof glue, and some drawing paper. The base is lined with popsicle sticks placed horizontally, glued together, and, once dry, other sticks are added vertically to create the sides of the hull. A triangle-shaped paper is added as the sail, and voila, the little sailor is ready for his maiden voyage! These crafts are not only about creating something fun but also about teaching kids about basic science principles like buoyancy.